Dromore Data Recovery

Data Recovery Dromore – Our data recovery engineers have recovered data from every conceivable storage device you could care to mention. Every year we recover data from thousands of hard drives, external hard disk drives, solid state drives, and USB storage devices. If you are having problems gaining access to data from a storage device contact us today on 02890 961976.

If the memory in your computer fails it can be replaced, and the same with the processor. If the hard drive is in need of replacing it can leave you, the user, with problems when it comes to the data stored on there. It goes without saying that generally the operating system will have to be installed afresh but the same cannot be done with your data if it is on a drive that has failed and been removed. This is where our data recovery Dromore engineers come in. Utilising a decade and a half’s experience as well as the most up-to-the-minute technology, we can help recover data from a hard drive that has had to be removed from a computer because of its lack of functionality. Our data recovery Dromore processes allow for us to recover your data both in a timescale and on a budget to suit you.

A great number of people will remove a hard drive from a computer and right it off; failing to take into consideration that the possibility and the skills exist, to recover the data that’s on without the user – namely you – having to try and reconstitute it from a myriad of different sources. From the perspective of time this is something that is not always feasible – especially if you are a work environment – the amount of man-hours involved in reconstituting data from a variety of different sources (including hard copy) is far greater both financially and physically than it would be to have our data recovery Dromore engineers recover it for you.

The recovery of data using our data recovery Dromore techniques is much more accurate and speedy. We offer our clients the opportunity to recover their data 100% in most cases and we have a very high success rate in doing so. It would be fair to say that in 99.9% of instances we recover 100% of the data we are required to.

Man-Hours spent trying to recover data versus the cost of professional data recovery.

We know from experience that time spent by individuals in the workplace trying to recover data using third-party software methods or having members of the IT department do it (if you have one) can be costly. If you equate the hourly rate paid to an individual to try and recover the data over many hours/days and compare that to our data recovery Dromore service then there is a saving to be made (a) financially and (b) in terms of the actual amount of data recovered.

It is often the case that third party software can only recover a percentage of the data lost and at best this percentage may equate to half the data. Whereas utilising the services of our data recovery Dromore engineers can speed the process up considerably as well as increasing the amount of data recovered.

If you have a drive that requires data to be recovered from it call us today on 02890 961976. Making this one telephone call to our engineering team may be more beneficial than having a member of staff do it or trying it using third party software with little in the way of guaranteed success. Our engineers will give you an initial appraisal of the problem as well as a no obligation guarantee. (There may be an additional charge if the drive is mechanically damaged but the engineer will explain this to you). They will also explain our No Fix No Fee policy. If you are happy with this you can send the drive to us by post (registering it is best) or by courier. You can drop it in personally if you are near to one of our recovery centres. Once the problem has been definitively diagnosed we can provide you with an email documenting all of the data to be recovered. If this is to your satisfaction then our engineers can get on with the job of recovering the data to new media. (If your data equates to more than 30GBs we ask that you buy a new external storage device from the wide selection in stock). Upon successful recovery of the data it will be returned to you via next day courier. Contact us today on 02890 961976 for further information. Our recovery centres are open from 9am until 6pm, Monday to Friday.