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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from iMacs and Macbooks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Why Apple Mac Hard Drives Cease To Work:

Apple Macs are among the best in computing equipment available today. But like any computer Macs are prone to hard drive failure and the drives can fail when you least expect them to. Nobody wants a hard drive to fail but when it does it can be a nuisance and also costly; both in terms of time and financially. At Belfast Data Recovery we aim to recover your Mac hard drive as quickly as possible and with the minimum loss to your data. Mac drives fail for a variety of reasons but mostly because of faulty components, overuse, firmware issues and problems with the connecting PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards). With this in mind Belfast Data Recovery and our team of experts are on hand to help you recover your data with the minimum of fuss at the most competitive of prices.

Head, Spindle And Platter Malfunction:

A hard drive relies heavily on the heads, spindle and platters to work correctly in order for it to store and access your information properly. With faults occurring these components may continue to work for a time but will eventually lead to an overall hard drive failure. Many people consider the hard drive no longer accessible should these components fail but using state-of-the-art technology and a wealth of experience Belfast Data Recovery can (and do) recover what might otherwise be lost data. One of the first signs that a hard drive is failing is the sound of metal grinding against metal where the platters have come off their axis and are running into each other. If you hear this noise then it is advisable to switch off immediately and consult us here at

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) issues:

Every computer has a printed circuit board other than the motherboard and that PCB can be found attached to the hard drive. The purpose of the PCB is to provide information to the hard drive from the motherboard about how to operate and what speeds to operate at. With this in mind problems causing the PCB to fail will then leave you, the user, unable to access or save data to your hard drive. While it may be suggested on the Internet that printed circuit boards can be replaced we at Belfast Data Recovery would advise against it and opt for the recovery of your data to a new medium.

Firmware Failures on Apple Mac Drives:

Firmware programs are third party programs written by the company’s providing the hardware for your computer. There may be occasions when the firmware needs to be updated but general the firmware will remain en vogue as it were, for the life of the hardware. A example as to why firmware stops working – or may cause your hardware to stop working – is when the manufacturer does not upgrade when an operating system does. This means that the firmware is running at an older version which can caused problems. If your hard drive fails because of firmware issues Belfast Data Recovery can help you recover your data to a new drive or storage media with minimal loss of data if any.

Apple Mac Drive Freezing After a System Hang Up?:

As with all computers Apple Macs can freeze on or after start-up and if this happens it can be a sign that the hard drive is suffering some problems. An Apple Mac hard drive is just as susceptible to problems with freezing as those used in a Windows or Linux PC so it would be remiss to say that one suffers more than another. With this in mind if you are suffering constant freezing upon start-up we recommend you consult with our experts here at Belfast Data Recovery in order to resolve the problem; if in no other way than to recover the data. A HDD that is suffering from frequent or constant freezing (hanging) may be unable to sustain itself for much longer so immediate action is required to ensure the safe recovery of as much data as possible.

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