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Gone are the days when a RAID array was something that only a business could afford to run. Nowadays with technology becoming cheaper and more powerful the idea of running a RAID setup in a small office or home office is more appealing. However though problems do occur regardless of how good a setup is. With over use, sometimes faulty components, or just bad luck, a RAID setup can take a turn for the worse and leave you – the user – unable to access valuable and important data. To which end Belfast Data Recovery are on hand to help make sure that everything runs smoothly when it comes to recovering your data and rebuilding your RAID device.

RAID Faulty Mechanics:

RAID devices generally will continue to work if a drive fails but sometimes it can be the case that information will not be correctly saved or passed between mirrors. When this happens it is important to have the drive replaced and the information recovered as quickly as possible. Faulty mechanics within the drives can lead to instability across the RAID drives which can lead to information either being incorrectly stacked or failed to be saved at all. It is also important to ensure that after the rebuild the RAID is working correctly too. Belfast Data Recovery and our trained expert staff are on hand to help rebuild a RAID device after a fail because we know that it is not always the case things go according to plan.

Rebuilding RAID Arrays: The Pitfalls And Failings:

Regularly we are asked to rebuild RAID arrays after an error has occurred. We are happy to do this (speak to one of our team if you need our help) but you should be aware that just because you have replaced a drive it does not necessarily mean that everything will return to normal. Sometimes errors occur when a drive you have replaced has perhaps had a fault of its own or because it has not been properly formatted. One of the biggest problems facing the any company or individual replacing RAID array drives is that they do not mirror correctly and information that has been produced in between times has not been saved or is not accessible. If this is something that has – or is – happening to you, then please contact us for help and advice.

Third Party Firmware Failures In Your RAID Setup:

Every hard drive suffers from firmware failures. When we say this we don’t mean that they happen all the time. We simply mean they are susceptible to firmware failures. With this in mind if you have suffered a hard drive failure in your RAID setup then it may be the result of problems with firmware. Firmware is the software that has effectively been hard wired into your hard drive’s PCB (printed circuit board) and the resulting issues may be because the board has been damaged, suffered an electrical outage or surge, or simply the board has suffered due to overuse. RAID drives are susceptible to this because of the amount of usage they are subjected to.

Faulty RAID Controller Cards:

Controller cards are reminiscent of graphics and sound cards in that they are installed to a computer (be it a PC or server) with the express purpose of building a bridge between it and the RAID device. A faulty controller card can make it difficult to access or store information to a RAID device and as such problems with a controller card may leave you in the unenviable position whereby you are unable to access important or sensitive information stored upon the mirrored drives of your RAID array.

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