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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from USB Sticks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
USB Stick Recovery

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Commonly Encountered USB Memory Issues:

USB Memory is made up of the most delicate hardware and firmware in a portable package that allows you to save your data and review it on the move. With this in mind the technology can have its negatives.  Commonly USB memory fails due to damage to connections between memory and computer, failure of on-board components and/or disruption to the flash memory because of extreme heat, cold or  magnets. As a result of some of these you may find yourself in the unenviable position of not being able to retrieve valuable data. If this is the case we here at can help.

USB Memory Stick Adapter And/Or Port Failings:

Inside a USB stick is an EEPROM chip onto which your information is stored. This is what you will better know as Flash memory and can hold information in a variety of different formats and sizes. EEPROM chips are susceptible to damage if they are mistreated and as a result then end up unreadable. Problems can occur if the bonding wires and/or the resin holding them in place become damaged. This renders the USB stick unable to be read by the computer into which you have just inserted it. Using up to data sophisticated technology we at Belfast Data Recovery can help retrieve the data from USB sticks that are otherwise beyond repair or have some of these important components damaged.

USB Memory Stick Onboard Or Third Party Firmware Queries:

Just like a hard drive a USB stick needs firmware to help it operate in the way they are supposed to. Sometimes due to no reason than an upgrade in the technology used in the manufacture of computers, the USB stick firmware will become out of date or will corrupt. Reinstalling firmware to a USB stick is not impossible but is extremely difficult and requires some level of experience in order for the process to succeed. To this end we recommend you contact us if your USB stick firmware ceases to function correctly

USB Memory Stick Formatted Or Deleted In Error:

One of the most common problems we are presented with when it comes to reconstituting data from USB sticks is that of accidental deletion or formatting. We are none of us infallible and it can be done easily by clicking the wrong mouse button, reading a dialogue box on screen wrongly or simply being in a hurry. One the request to delete or format has been executed the chances of getting your data back through conventional means is slim. We however have over 15 years experience when it comes to retrieving data from wiped USB sticks

USB Memory Stick Causing PC, MAC, Or Other Device To Fail Upon Installation:

If you have inserted a USB memory stick into one of your computer’s USB ports and this has resulted in your computer’s freezing then you have a problem. Either the hardware within the USB stick – which is very intricate and also delicate – has developed a fault or there is an issue between your computer’s software and the USB stick’s firmware. To this end the continual rebooting of a computer to try and read such a USB stick will simply result in not only the degradation of the USB stick but your computer as well: if the problem occurs we recommend you remove the USB stick and do not use it on any computer without speaking to us first. If the data on the USB stick is important we will be able to help you recover it without further damage to your computer or the data on the USB stick.

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