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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from Windows PCs. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Why PC Hard Drives Fail:

PCs use a variety of components from a variety of different sources and the manufacturers simply put them together to make a machine they can sell to you the consumer. With this in mind there is no guarantee that the hard drive contained therein will be up to the job if it has come from a third party source where there has been a bad batch or issues with components. Hard drives fail in PCs for a variety of reasons and if the hard drive has come from a source where there is a recognised issue then it can spell trouble. Heads, platters, spindles, actuator arms – the reasons for hard drive failure are many but overall they are generally physical. Belfast Data Recovery can help you recover your data if the hard drive within your PC fails, leaving you unable to access your data.

Read/Write Issues:

In our 15+ years as a data recovery company we have seen it all when it comes to reasons why hard drives and storage devices fail. A lot of the time we are asked by customers, just like you, to help recover data from machines where the storage device has suffered issues relating to the read/write element of the hard drive. Read/Write is exactly as it sounds – the process of reading and writing information to and from the storage device and if this interrupted because of component or firmware failure then you may find yourself with the inability to recover your data. To this end our experts here at Belfast Data Recovery can help and will recover your data to a medium of your choice.

 PCB Failures and Power Surges:

Leaving your PC switched on for long periods of time is something many of us do without even thinking about it. And in doing so you may not have stopped to consider that you are leaving your PC to the mercies of such things as power cuts or power surges. One might consider how a power surge could cause a problem as the computer needs power to function. But too much power can cause issues with the circuitry on the motherboard, the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) on the hard drive and a whole host of capacitors – popping them and rendering the device useless. Indeed a power surge can actually cause the hard drive itself to malfunction leaving you with misaligned platters, broken actuator arms or other components attached to the drive no longer working correctly.

Onboard Firmware and Software Changes Facilitating a Crash:

It would be fair to say that many computer users don’t consider firmware as something to worry about. Firmware is simply a small in-built program that has a purpose to serve and as long as it serves it then we, as computer users, tend not to worry about it. There are times however when the firmware program may fall out of date or become corrupt with the installation of a new operating system. And with this in mind you might find that your ability to save or access data on your hard drive is limited. Belfast Data Recovery and our expert team of recovery staff can help retrieve your data from a hard drive or other storage device that has suffered a firmware issue and can do so quickly and at a competitive rate.

Your PC is Unresponsive:

A PC that freezes continually has issues. It would be remiss of us here at Belfast Data Recovery to tell you otherwise. If you are using a computer that is freezing or restarting without warning then it is save to assume there is – or soon will be – an issue potentially with the hard drive. If you have experienced the dreaded ‘Blue Screen of Death’ (BSOD) which contrary to popular belief is still a feature of the new Windows 8.1 platform then your hard drive may be reaching the end of its life expectancy and it is time to act. Indeed if it is the case that your computer has become unresponsive and simply restarts over and over then you may need to avail of our services to recover your data.

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