Warrenpoint Data Recovery

Data Recovery Warrenpoint – A unique, tried and tested data recovery service offering a variety of recovery levels dependent on your budget and timescale. We deal with all makes, models and types of storage device and can provide you with your recovered data on a storage device of your choosing. Call today on 02890 961976 for more information.

There are things in life that could be classed as a certainty. One of the things that our data recovery Warrenpoint engineers find as a certainty is that hard drives, external storage devices, memory sticks and memory cards, will eventually fail. And to add to this certainty will be the fact that they will fail when you (a) least want them to and (b) least expect them to.

A failing storage device will not always give you any warning. Then again sometimes you might have had some warning but perhaps have not understood what it was. For example some computer users see the infamous ‘Blue Screen of Death’ (BSOD) as being nothing more than an irritation. An irritation it might be but the purpose of this irritation is to inform you, the user, or anyone of an IT bent, that something is not right. When we consult with our clients our data recovery Warrenpoint engineers are often told that this obnoxious display has been visible just before the loss of data or the sudden inaccessibility of data.

The ‘Blue Screen of Death’ (BSOD) is a visual warning, sometimes there can be audible warnings and our data recovery Warrenpoint staff would recommend that if you hear any kind of sound that does not sound normal then you should consider shutting down the computer and seeking advice. Such examples are unexplained beeps when you have not carried out a task such as open, close or save; or the sound of what appears to be metal against metal.

Suddenly there was a strange sound and then the computer froze.

The above is more of a statement than a question and is something our data recovery Warrenpoint engineers are told about a lot when consulting with clients. As we have said the audible sound of an oncoming failure should not be ignored and as such if you hear anything out of the ordinary you should exercise caution.

If you have lost data or cannot access your data contact us on 02890 961976 where one of our data recovery Warrenpoint engineers will be happy to answer any questions you have. We will provide you with an initial diagnosis of the problem and a no obligation quote and as well as that we will talk you through our No Fix No Fee policy. Please note an additional charge may be required if there is mechanical damage to the drive. If all is to your satisfaction then you can send your storage device to us via the postal service or courier. Upon receipt of the device we will carry out some further diagnostic tests to establish the exact cause of the problem.

When we have established the problem we will contact you via email to tell you what data can be recovered (generally this is all of the data on the device) and if you are happy to continue we ask for payment via credit/debit card or BACS transfer. Upon receipt of payment we will recover your data to a new storage device (if the data is 30GBs or more we will ask that you purchase an external device from the wide range we hold in stock). We will return your data to you by next day courier. Call 02890 961976 today for further information, a no obligation quote or further details on the types of recovery package we have on offer.