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Data Recovery Omagh – Helping users recover data from failed or faltering drives for over 15 years. We cater for the recovery of data from a variety of storage devices including internal drives, external hard drives, USB connectable devices and card storage. Call us on 02890 961976.

Since the advent of the home computer the size of hard drives inside them has increased. And with the volume increasing so too has the amount of information that users are prepared to store on them. Our data recovery Omagh team help many users recover large volumes of data from faulty or faltering devices before the data can become unrecoverable and in doing so help to reduce the amount of man hours wasted and productivity lost as a result.

What is volume? Simply put volume is the size of the amount of data that can be held on a hard drive or other storage device. For example 1024 megabytes equates to 1 gigabyte and 1024 gigabytes equates to a terabyte. These figures look incredible when written down but when condensed into the space inside a hard drive seem like nothing in comparison. However these volumes can suffer huge losses if the hard drive components fail or the accompanying software suffers a failure. And this is where our data recovery Omagh technicians come into play. With years of experience and knowledge under their belt and up-to-the-minute technology to boot they are well placed to help recover your large volumes of data quickly, efficiently and at keen prices.

The volume of a hard drive has always been something that has concerned many. Is there enough space? Can I save too much? Generally you will receive a warning if there is an issue with the volume of the drive and this is the case too if the drive has developed a fault. Our data recovery Omagh engineers can advise you on how best to proceed if you have received warnings regarding the safety and validity of the volume of your hard drive. Call us today on 02890 961976 for more information.

My drive is reporting an incorrect volume

If your hard drive or external storage device is reporting a lesser size than you feel your drive actually has there may well be an issue with the drive. It may have been suggested to you that running a defragmentation from your operating system could cure the problem but we would advise against it. Sometimes running a defrag can cause further issues to arise and can leave you unable to access any data at all. Likewise third party recovery software may report the fixing of errors that will eventually (i.e. in the near future) cause the hard drive to fail.

If your drive is reporting problems with its volume then you should contact our data recovery Omagh engineers today on 02890 961976 and we can advise on how to proceed. Our data recovery Omagh engineers can give you an initial diagnosis over the telephone by asking you a series of questions and also provide a no obligation quote. (There may be an additional charge for recovery carried out on a drive that has suffered damage through mechanical failings).

Once you have agreed to our quotation you can send your drive to us via postal service or courier. You might even like to deliver the hard drive to us in person if you live or work near our data recovery Omagh centre. Upon receiving the storage device our engineers will make a final absolute diagnosis and send you an email with the details of all the files that can be recovered. If you are happy with this then on receipt of payment via credit/debit card or BACS transfer we will return your data to you on a new storage medium. We DO NOT accept PayPal. (If the data is larger in volume than 30GBs we will ask that you purchase an external storage device onto which the data can be recovered. We have a variety of them in stock to choose from). Call us today for further information or to book your storage device in for recovery. Our telephone number is 02890 961976 and our data recovery centres are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.