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Data Recovery Newtownards – Internal hard drives, external HDDs, solid state hard drives, memory cards, memory sticks, USB storage devices: data from all of these can be recovered using our standard, express or critical packages. Call us on 02890 961976 to find out which package suits your needs best.

The idea that a hard drive will last forever is a nice one but sadly an unrealistic one. Our data recovery Newtownards engineering team can vouch for this and can also explain in detail the many and varied reasons as to why a hard drive will fail when you least expect it to.

The actual life expectancy of a hard drive is hard to predict and can sometimes be longer or shorter than those of your work colleagues’ computers or your friends at home. Depending on how a hard drive has been put together (i.e. the parts used) the hard drive can last for anything up to 10 years. Our data recovery Newtownabbey engineers have recovered data from drives that have lasted less than a year, more than five years and upwards of ten. Components used and the quality of build are very much an issue.

One problem our data recovery Newtownards engineers are faced with regularly is that of so-called ‘infant mortality’ amongst hard drives. This unfortunate term describes the failure of a hard drive within its first year when it is still under warranty. And while the drive itself as a physical item is under warranty and likely to be replaced, the data contained therein is subject to no such warranty and can be consigned as lost.

The manufacturer will replace the drive but nothing more

Our data recovery Newtownards engineers hear this all the time. It is among the most common issues faced by anyone facing a loss of data. Manufacturers will generally only concern themselves with faulty hardware and not the data contained on it so therefore their warranties do not cover the recovery of such data. The rule of thumb is normally ‘we will replace your hardware but the data is not our problem’.

If you have suffered problems with a hard drive in what might be referred to as its ‘infancy’ (first year of warranty) then call our data recovery Newtownards engineers today on 02890 961976 for information on how the data can be recovered. We offer the opportunity to recover the data with minimal (if any) loss and can provide you with a diagnosis and free no obligation quote over the telephone. (An additional charge may be applicable if the drive has suffered mechanical hardship). If you agree with our quote then send the drive into us by post or courier. You can drop it in personally if you are near our data recovery Newtownards centre.

Once you have agreed to the price of the quotation and we have received the drive our data recovery Newtownards engineers will carry out a full diagnostic check and confirm the diagnosis. We’ll then provide you with an email detailing the exact data to be recovered and if you agree we can recover the data on receipt of full payment. (We accept payment by credit/debit card or BACS payment).When recovering the data if the data volume is larger than 30GBs then we would require you to purchase an external hard drive from our stocks – we have a wide range of sizes and brands to choose from; anything less than 30GBs is recovered as part of the fixed price. Our data is then returned to you via next day courier service. For further information or to avail of our data recovery services please contact us on 02890 961976. Our engineers are on hand to take your call and our data recovery centres are open Monday-to Friday, 9am to 6pm.