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Data Recovery Magherafelt – Our data recovery service is the premier data recovery in Magherafelt and its surrounding areas. We offer several levels of data recovery; standard, express and critical. Call today on 02890 961976 for more information and an initital consultation.

IDE and SATA are currently the two most popular kinds of hard drive to be found inside a desktop PC or laptop. IDE is now ranking as the older of the two with SATA becoming more popular because of the faster speeds at which it transfers and reads data from drive to screen via motherboard. With this in mind our data recovery Magherafelt engineers are on hand to help you recover your data from corrupt or malfunctioning IDE or SATA drives should the need arise. We hope it won’t but given the general wear and tear on a hard drive it may be something that you need to consider in the near future.

We say the near future and we say this because you may already be aware of the fact that there is a problem with your hard drive. And if not necessarily aware of a problem with the hard drive you may be aware of a general issue with your computer or laptop. Our data recovery Magherafelt team suggest you keep an eye out for the following as a means of identifying the on-set of problems with your computer/hard drive.

A definite symptom of problems occurring with your hard drive is a dialogue box telling you the directory or folder you wish to save to cannot be found. This should not normally be visible if the drive is working well and is an indicator that bad sectors may be present on the drive. Also the infamous ‘Blue Screen of Death’ (BSOD) that accompanies a sudden crash or freeze is a good indicator. Our data recovery Magherafelt engineers will normally ask you a series of questions that will include whether or not you have been witness to this display, crashes, etc. before the drive became inaccessible.

Precursors to an Epic drive fail!

Hard drives have a limited life expectancy just like most electronic component or mechanical item with moving parts. But this life expectancy can be either increased or decreased depending on how the item is used. In in the instance of a hard drive for example the engineers at our data recovery Magherafelt centre recommend that when you are not using your computer (unless it is scheduled to do backups during the night) you power down; thus giving the hard drive and the other components a chance to cool down. Leaving a computer, be it a PC or laptop, switched on and unused for excessive periods of time can reduce the life expectancy of the components especially taking such things as unexpected power surges into consideration.

Has your computer suddenly stopped working? Did you get any warning? Did you notice any of the above mentioned signs? If you did hopefully you will have powered down before calling us on 02890 961976. If so the chances of restoring your data without too much hassle are greatly increased. If you continued to use your computer (which many individuals do both at home and in the workplace) then recovering the data may still be possible if not slightly more difficult. Our data recovery Magherafelt engineers can give you an initial diagnosis of the problem and also a no obligation quotation detailing the work needing done and the cost to do it. (There may be an additional charge if the work involved requires working on a drive that has suffered mechanical damage). If you are happy to proceed send us your drive via post or courier or deliver it to us in person at one of our data recovery centres.

Once a definite diagnosis of the problem has been made by a member of our data recovery Magherafelt engineering team we will inform you via email as to exactly what data can be recovered and in what file structure. After you have approved this and we have received payment we will send you the data on a new drive. (If your data is greater than 30GBs in volume we will require you to store it to an external hard drive which you can purchase from our extensive stock). Upon recovery we will return it to you via a next day courier service. For more information, a discussion with one of our engineers, or to book in your faulty drive, call us today on 02890 961976. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.