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Data Recovery Holywood – Desktop PCs, laptops, RAID servers, USB memory sticks, memory cards, micro SD cards, solid state drives, AS/400s – we recover data from them all and much more besides. Contact our engineering team today on 02890 961976.

One of the fundamental principles behind computers and computing today is the ability to store large quantities of vital information that can be retrieved and accessed at the touch of a button. Taking this into account there are times when the ability to retrieve and access said information can be seriously and adversely affected by issues with the corrupt, damaged or firmware-disabled hardware. Our team of data recovery Holywood engineers can assist you with what can often seem an arduous if not mammoth task of safely recovering that data.

Let us take for example a manufacturing house that rely on their computer systems for all the information required in the production of a specific item. If a hard drive in a RAID array, IBM AS/400 or other multi-drive setup was to fail then accessing the relevant stock data or production schedules could prove difficult if not impossible. With this scenario one we have be asked to assist with often our data recovery Holywood staff can fall back on over fifteen years of experience in recovering data from systems that rely on mirroring to save and protect their data.

We are only too aware that manufacturing institutions have a different way of operating and need to keep going, sometimes around the clock. Our data recovery Holywood engineering team can help ensure that their production targets are not jeopardised by the loss of important data and can even provide on-site assistance when it comes to rebuilding a RAID array should it prove necessary. Call us today for more information if you have issues with a faulty RAID device.

RAID, mirroring and multi-hard drive failures

Raid devices and other computer setups using multiple hard drives operate on the principle that the information from one drive is then ‘mirrored’ (copied if you like) across the other drives to ensure that secure backups are created whilst allowing multiple users to access the data at the same time. This allows a greater number of users to access, read and write to the data at the same time without causing a proverbial ‘traffic jam’. However as we know only too well from the experiences of our data recovery Holywood engineers, there are times when one (and sometimes more than one) drive can fail which renders the read/write process either slow or impossible to perform.

If you are having difficulty with a RAID or multi-drive device then our data recovery Holywood engineers can help (a) with the recovery of data from the failing drives and (b) with the rebuilding of the array after the installation of new drives. Sometimes there are instances when the controller cards (if the array is operated via a stand-alone PC) do not register the addition of new drives. If this is something you have/are experiencing then call us on 02890 961976 and a member of our team will make an initial diagnosis and provide you with a no obligation quote. You should also be aware there may be an additional charge levied if the drive(s) have failed because of mechanical damage. If you are happy with the quote and wish to proceed you can send the drive(s) to us using post or courier or delivering the drive(s) personally to your local recovery centre.

A member of our data recovery Holywood team will make a full diagnosis of the problem disks once they arrive and report back to you via email with a list of the files and folders (file structure included) that can be recovered. If you are agreeable then upon receipt of full payment via credit/debit card or BACS transfer we can recover the data to a replacement media. If the data amounts to more than 30GBs in size then an external drive or storage device will need to be purchased and we have a wide range in stock for you to choose from. Once we have recovered the data we can return it to you via next day courier or have an engineer visit you on site to help with the rebuild. Contact us today on 02890 961976 to discuss your requirements and the different service levels available to all our customers.