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Data Recovery Downpatrick – Recovering data from hard drives and storage devices otherwise considered useless for 15 + years. Business, healthcare, education, sole trader, we have recovered data for them all. Contact us on 02890 961976 for information on how we can help recover your lost data.

Data can be lost at the touch of a button. It’s an unfortunate fact of life but by pressing the wrong button absentmindedly weeks, months or even years of work can be lost in seconds. For most of us this is something that is a deep rooted fear and we do our best to avoid it but it can happen, and our data recovery Downpatrick engineers are called upon to help recover data that has been inadvertently been deleted. Is there any way to ensure that data is not deleted? Well the answer is no there isn’t. A dialogue box will ask if you are sure but if you are ensconced in something else or have a staff member pressuring you for work in a hurry it can still happen.

Our data recovery Downpatrick engineers can recover data that has been deleted by mistake as long as the hard drive or storage device has not been formatted since the accidental deletion took place. Using up-to-the-minute technology and a wealth of experience they can reconstitute the data to a new media for you, especially if the hard drive it originated from is showing signs of degradation.

We’re also often asked ‘Will the data be intact?’ Yes it will. It will be as it was when it was accidentally removed. We use techniques and equipment not available to the everyday user and are able to retrieve the data as it was before it was removed. Our data recovery Downpatrick engineers have over 15 years’ experience in the practice of recovering accidental deleted data.

I deleted my end of term thesis by accident – can you help?

The first piece of advice we can offer to anyone who has inadvertently deleted material of importance from their hard drive is DON’T PANIC. This may sound condescending but further mistakes can be made by panicking and trying to undo the mistake you made. Our data recovery Downpatrick engineers are on hand to help if you have deleted important documents like thesis, financial reports or important coursework. In the first instance we recommend shutting your computer down and calling us on 02890 961976.

The same principle applies should the hard drive cease to function. Don’t panic, shut your computer down and seek help from our data recovery Downpatrick engineers. We can recover the data provided there has been no further alterations made to the hard drive such as trying to format it using third party recovery software.

Contact us on 02890 961976 and speak to one of our data recovery Downpatrick engineers who can talk you through the processes we use in order to recover your data. They will provide you with an initial appraisal of the situation plus a free no obligation quote (including any additional charges that may be incurred for mechanically damaged drives). If you are happy with what the engineer has told you plus the cost then send us your drive – either by post (registered is safest) or courier. You can even drop the hard drive or storage device in to our local recovery centre if you live or work nearby. Our engineers will give you a final diagnosis and send you an email detailing the files and folders to be recovered. If all is to your satisfaction once we have received full payment we will recover your data to a new storage medium. (If the data is 30GBs or larger an external storage device will be necessary and can be purchased from our stock). Your recovered data will be returned to you via next day courier. For more information call our engineering team today on 02890 961976.