Donaghadee Data Recovery

Data Recovery Donaghadee – Schools, colleges, universities, government departments, healthcare institutions: they have all benefited from our data recovery services. Data recovered from drives and devices that were otherwise written off. If you need data recovered from a faltering device contact us today on 02890 961976.

What is a hard drive? Well simply put, after the memory and the processor, the hard drive is the third most important aspect of your computer system. And a failure of the drive can not only lead to your computer failing to work, it can also lead to you being unable to access important or precious data. When we say precious we mean by way of family or sentimental moments recorded for posterity in video format. But whatever the data in whatever the format, it might not mean much to some but to you it could be everything. And this is where our data recovery Donaghadee service comes into its own. We can help you recover that data and those precious memories and prevent them from ending up as nothing more than a hard drive in a drawer that no longer works. Or worse even, in the bin.

Our data recovery Donaghadee services have been utilised over the years to recover a vast amount of data from literally thousands of hard drives and other storage devices. Our engineers, all of them experienced and qualified, can recover your data using not only the wealth of experience and knowledge they have amassed, but up-to-the-minute technology that you won’t find available on any website or on any shelf on the high street.

Our data recovery Donaghadee engineers don’t just recover what they can – where possible they recover all the data and the only things that might prevent that are (a) a drive that has been physically damaged beyond any use or (b) the reformatting of a drive in a previous attempt to recover the data. We ask therefore that you contact us on 02890 961976 if you have lost your data before attempting to use any third party software that may prompt for a partial or complete drive format.

I’ve had a data recovery program recommended to me – should I use it?

The above is a question that our data recovery Donaghadee engineers are asked regularly. And the answer to which is ‘the decision is ultimately yours’ although we would recommend against it. It would be remiss of us to suggest that all data recovery software does not work but we can tell you that when it comes to levels of recovery they all vary; some from average to good whilst other make no guarantees. This is especially true of recovery programs either bought or offered freely on the Internet.

Our data recovery Donaghadee services allow for the full recovery of the data on your faltering drive or other storage device and a proven high success rate there is a very good chance we will be able to. As long as the drive has not been formatted since your data became inaccessible we will be able to retrieve it from the failed device.

In order to find out about how we can retrieve your data using our data recovery Donaghadee methods contact us on 02890 961976 today and speak to one of our team of engineers. We will talk you through the data recovery process from start to finish as well as provide you with a no obligation quote. We’ll also give you further details of our No Fix No Fee guarantee (which pretty much speaks for itself). If you are happy with the quote and wish to proceed you can send the drive to us by post (registered is best) or courier. Or if you are nearby why not drop the drive into us personally. Our engineers will provide you with a definitive diagnosis of the problem and email you a list of the files and folders that can be recovered (in most cases all of them). If you’re happy with this and have made full payment we will recover your data to a new media and return it to you via next day courier. If your data is larger than 30GBs we ask that you purchase an external storage device onto which your data can be recovered. We stock a wide variety for you to choose from. For further information or to get the ball rolling call us today on 02890 961976; our offices are open from 9am-6pm Monday to Friday.