County Antrim Data Recovery

Data Recovery County Antrim – By calling us on 02890 961976 you are on the road to data recovery. When it comes to problems faced by the loss of data because of hardware failure our engineers are considered to the premier data recovery experts in County Antrim.

We all know the trouble that can be caused by the loss of data. It is bad enough losing a hard drive at home or as a single computer user but when faced with the same issue as a business the results can lead to loss of productivity and also loss of data that is important to how you invoice your clients and pay your staff. Our data recovery County Antrim team are on hand to help with the process and can offer you helpful and friendly advice whilst ensuring the bulk of your data (if not all of it) is recovered in the shortest time possible at the most competitive price possible.

Regardless of the manufacturer: IBM, Seagate, Western Digital, Packard Bell, Dell (the list is endless) our data recovery County Antrim engineers with a wealth of experience and up to the minute technology at their fingertips, can make the transition from lost data to recovered and reinstalled data as hassle free as possible. We can even have an engineer on hand to aid with the data recovery County Antrim if you have a failed RAID server; a task that can sometimes fail for even the most hardened of IT personnel.

Data recovery County Antrim is a task that no computer user wants to have performed but if it does prove necessary you could not be in safer hands. With over 15 years’ experience in the field and technology that cannot be found online or in the shops, we offer you what we like to think of as the one-stop-shop for all your data recovery County Antrim needs.

The data was there when I logged off!

We hear the aforementioned refrain on a regular basis and it is something that can leave many users in a quandary. Was it something they did? Was it the hardware? Was there a power surge that went unnoticed? The truth is there is any number of reasons as to why your data can suddenly become inaccessible. Human error is a possibility but generally we find that human error, although common, is not as common as the failure of a hard drive that has been subjected to a lot of use. It is a common problem that hard drives simply do not reach their life expectancy because they are used a lot or as a result of being built using faulty components. Rest assured though our data recovery County Antrim service aims to recover the data regardless of the reasons for the initial failure.

If you have suffered a fault with a hard drive, external hard disk drive or other storage device call us today on 02890 961976 and our engineers will be happy to take you through the initial diagnosis which is free of charge. Once we have established the nature of the problem we will provide you with a no obligation quotation (additional charges may apply if the drive has suffered mechanical damage) and if you are happy we can proceed to the recovery stage. Send us your drive by post or courier or deliver it to your local recovery centre and we will get started. Once we have recovered the data we will contact you by email with a detailed listing of the files and folders that have been recovered. If you are happy to go ahead once we receive payment we will recover your data to a new medium. If the volume exceeds 30GBs an external storage device will need to be purchased and you can buy one from our extensive stock. Your data will then be returned to you via next day courier.

Call us today on 02890 961976 if you require assistance with data recovery and talk to our engineers about the other types of recovery service we have to offer including our express and critical recovery packages.