Comber Data Recovery

Data Recovery Comber – Providing our clients with a first rate recovery service when it comes to the retrieval of data from hard disk drives, external hard drives, solid state drives, RAID arrays, USB memory sticks and memory cards. Call us today on 02890 961976 for data recovery advice and assistance.

As a business person you will be on the go all day every day and part of your everyday work will involve utilising data stored on hard drives, external hard drives, RAID servers or a variety of portable storage devices. Problems arise though when these devices fail such as an external drive failure and the data becomes unusable or even invisible because of corruption or issues with mechanical failure. And with this in mind data recovery Comber may be the perfect solution to the age-old problem of how not to have to recreate your data from scratch and taking up many man-hours in the process.

Our data recovery Comber service is designed primarily to help you, the end user, recover your data in the shortest possible time with the greatest possible success rate. We do this combining years of experience with up-to-the-minute data recovery Comber technology.

Let’s take a typical scenario that we encounter regularly. A member of the accounts department has year-end reports to produce and in the process of doing so finds that they cannot access the information on a particular drive. This drive may be internal to a desktop PC, a laptop, a RAID server or a NAS (Network Assisted Storage) device. Irrespective of where the drive is located the fact remains that the information on it is no longer useable and therein you are faced with a problem. But with our data recovery Comber service we can take that drive and recover the data from it, recovering it to a new drive that can then be either added to your network using a USB connection or fitted internally. This is something that may require additional assistance if you are using a RAID setup as sometimes the introduction of a new drive to an existing RAID server may cause the rebuild to fail if there are controller card issues.

Recovering from a RAID Drive FailureCan Belfast Data Recovery Help?

Yes we can help you recover your data and rebuild your RAID array and do so quickly, cost effectively and with the minimal loss of data possible. Many have tried to recover data from RAID drives using third party software only to discover that the rebuild has failed at the restart point. This may be because the controller card does not accept or recognise the new drive or because the mirroring process has failed. With our data recovery Comber techniques and 15+ years’ of experience we are in a position to recover your data and also ensure that the rebuild of your RAID server is successful. This is particularly important if you are running an office setup where multiple staff members need access to the same data at the same time – for example running a CRM program, accounting program or payroll program.

If you need to avail of your data recovery Comber service you can contact us on 02890 961976 and a member of our team will talk you through how we can help. An engineer will diagnose the problem for free and provide you with a no obligation quote (there may be an additional charge if the drive has sustained mechanical damage).

If you are happy with this we can begin recovering your data to a new drive or storage device. Before we complete the process we will send you an email detailing the files and folders recovered (and their file structures) and if you are happy with this we will recover the data to a new drive (you may need to purchase an external storage device from us if your data volume is greater than 30GBs). Our service also includes returning your data to you via next day courier but if needs be we can have an engineer visit you on-site to assist with a RAID rebuild. Call us today on 02895 900028 for more information on how we can recover your data.