Coalisland Data Recovery

Data Recovery Coalisland – recovering data from corrupt or malfunctioning storage devices such as hard drives, desktop PC drives, external hard disks, RAID arrays, USB memory sticks and memory cards. With express and critical services available for faster-than-normal data recovery. A call to us on 02890 961976 could have the recovery process started sooner than you might think.

Any computer user will vouch for how upsetting and time consuming the loss of data from a hard drive or storage device can be, especially if the data on said hard drive is used for running a business. Most businesses these days operate their accounting and payroll systems on computer and even allow their staff access to networked drives from outside the confines of the office. With this in mind it is good to know that there is a premier data recovery Coalisland company on hand to help recover the data should the worst happen.

A great number of businesses, including banking institutions, run RAID arrays that allow for the processing and multiple-mirroring of data across a number of hard drives. This allows for the safe backup of data should one drive fail. Sometimes, however, more than one drive can fail or the failure of a primary drive can cause the RAID setup to fail either during the save process or after a rebuild. Belfast Data Recovery and our experienced engineers have been dealing with such issues for over 15 years now and in that time have amassed a reputation for themselves as being the leading data recovery Coalisland engineers when it comes to RAID arrays.

Operating a network assisted storage device or a RAID setup can be useful for those businesses or organisations with a number of staff requiring constant access to ever-changing data but there are times when these drives fail that a data recovery Coalisland process is necessary to recover the most recent data as it has not been mirrored across the other drives in the array. And after the data has been saved and the data recovered there is still the issue as to whether or not the rebuild will be successful. RAID servers often suffer from failed rebuilds if the drives have not been configured properly or if controller cards fail to pick up the installation of a new, different storage device. Our data recovery Coalisland process enables us to not only save your data from being lost permanently but also allows for our engineers to be on hand during the rebuild to ensure a safe transition.

Recovering data accessed by multiple users – can it be done?

If you think of a network where certain files are used by more than one operative at a time then you think of how many times in a day that file can be accessed, edited and resaved. With this in mind if there is a failure of the drive on which that data is stored then two things happen (1) the files becomes no longer accessible and (2) those individuals requiring access to it may fall behind with their work. Belfast Data Recovery offer an express and critical service which allow for the recovery of this data on a speedier basis than normal, with a data recovery Coalisland service being carried out in either a day or two days. Contact us today on 02890 961976 and speak to one of our engineers about our data recovery Coalisland process if you have lost data from a RAID or NAS drive.

We can offer you a free diagnosis in addition to a no obligation quotation and if you are happy to proceed you can send you drive to us by post or courier or drop it into our recovery centre in person if that is quicker. Once our engineers have established the exact nature of the problem (an additional charge may be levied if the nature of the fault is mechanical damage) then if you are agreeable we can crack on with recovering the data to a new storage device for you. We will email you details of the files and folders contained within the recovered data and upon receipt of payment will send the data back to you by next day courier. (Data of over 30GB in volume needs to be recovered to an external storage device which can be purchased from our stock). We can also see to it that a member of our team is on hand to assist with the rebuild of your RAID setup to ensure that the rebuild is a successful one. Call us today on 02890 961976 for more details and a no obligation quote.