Banbridge Data Recovery

Data Recovery Banbridge – RAIDs to Macs, desktop PCs to USB sticks – Belfast Data Recovery covers the whole spectrum of storage devices and offers you the premier data recovery service in Northern Ireland at prices that won’t break the bank. Call us today on 02890 961976.

On a regular basis we deal with a wide variety of clients from all walks of life. Be they a business, a corporation, a seat of learning, government body, medical organisation or just the ordinary computer user at home – we deal with them all. And in doing so they all have one common problem; they have lost their data and need access to a prestige data recovery Banbridge service. But why would you lose your data? What are the reasons? Is it something you, the user, has done? Or has the storage device suffered what many might refer to as an ‘Epic Fail!’

The truth is there are many reasons as to why a hard drive, external hard drive, NAS drive or portable storage device might fail. And as a result our days are filled helping customers, just like you, with the data recovery Banbridge process. The first instinct if your computer suddenly ceases to function correctly is to restart it. We would recommend against this. If it has frozen (hung or crashed to use other phrases) or is displaying the infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) then it may well be an issue with the hard drive. And persistent restarting of the machine can only seek to make an already infuriating problem much worse. We specialise in data recovery Banbridge and do so with over 15 years of experience behind us. We also use state-of-the-art technology to help recover your data. Our engineers use their expertise combined with the technology at our disposal plus over 25,000 parts in stock to help reconstitute your data and move it to a new media where it can either be reinstalled or copied to a new drive at your convenience. We even help with RAID rebuild recovery as part of the data recovery Banbridge process.

Our Business Accounts & Customer Database is Lost!

At Belfast Data Recovery we know the first thing a user who finds themselves faced with a data loss will do is panic. Our best advice is not to panic and to shut down your machine if you can. If the machine switches itself off then leave it off. Continual restarting or attempting to restart may cause further difficulties. We offer an express data recovery Banbridge service as well as a critical data recovery Banbridge service if you need access to your data in a very short space of time. And we know this can be the case if you are running a fast moving business where customer records and accounts are stored on a malfunctioning storage device.

Our engineers can be contacted by calling 02890 961976 and they can offer you a no nonsense free diagnosis of the problem as well as a free no obligation quote. If you are happy with the price and the recovery time then you can send us your hard drive via the post or courier or you can drop it into your nearest recovery centre. Upon diagnosing the problem definitively our engineer will contact you with a directory listing (including all files and folders) and will ask if you would like to proceed. If you would (there may be an additional charge incurred if the device has failed because of mechanical damage) then we will use our state-of-the-art data recovery Banbridge process to recover your data to a new media. Once this is done and we have received payment (you may need to purchase an external storage device if the volume of data is greater than 30GB) we will return your data to you via next day courier.