Ballymena Data Recovery

Ballymena Data Recovery – Call us today on 02890 961976 if you are having difficulty accessing data from a hard drive, external hard disk drive, laptop, desktop PC, RAID array or portable memory device.

Every day we are contacted by a great many people asking for help to recover their data from a variety of storage media. Whether it is a desktop PCs hard drive, an external HDD, a laptop hard drive, RAID drive, memory card or USB stick, our engineers are on hand with their data recovery experience, to help recover the data that you might otherwise have considered gone for good. We know how much you rely on technology these days, especially technology including storage media, and we know therefore just how important a reliable cost effective data recovery Ballymena service is to have to hand.

Unlike other data recovery services we only charge you if we recover the data. We operate with a unique No Fix No Fee policy in place meaning that, if by the remotest chance we cannot recover your data, we will not charge you for it. Other data recovery Ballymena companies will charge you a fee regardless of their success rate so here at Belfast Data Recovery we are immediately ahead of the competition. We also have over 15 years’ experience in the data recovery Ballymena business and have a very high success rate of which we are very proud and which makes us the premier data recovery Ballymena Company to seek out if the worst happens and you lose your data.

How Does The Recovery Process Work?

Sadly if you are reading this then the worst will have happened and you will have lost access to valuable data that you probably didn’t have the chance to backup before that unexpected crash or hard drive failure. With a RAID device for example, the array can continue to mirror for some time before the failing is noticeable which means that data can continue to be stored but not accessed by traditional means; meaning that a professional data recovery Ballymena is necessary to retrieve it. If you have suffered a storage device failure you can contact us on our landline at 02890 961976 where an engineer will guide you through the process in language you can understand. We won’t blind you with science. We will give you a free diagnosis, a no obligation quotation for the work required to retrieve the data (including any additional charges for devices suffering mechanical damage) and then the decision is yours.

If you decide that you want to avail of our data recovery Ballymena service (an express service is also available for the recovery of accounts and important employee data in a hurry) then you can drop the hard drive or device into our recovery centre, post it or courier it to us. Once we have completed the data recovery Ballymena we will email you with the details of the data recovered (including directory listings) and upon receiving payment we will return your data to you on a new media. (If the data exceeds 30GB an external storage device is required and you can purchase one from our stock). Contact us today on 02890 961976 for more information.