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Data Recovery Antrim – Desktop PCs, laptops, external storage devices, and memory cards; with express service available Belfast Data Recovery can recover data from the aforementioned devices quickly and at very competitive prices.

Regardless of the computer system you use or its age there is nothing more troublesome than the loss of data stored on a storage device attached to it. You might be one of those individuals still running Windows XP or having just made the leap to Windows 8 (or a completely different platform altogether) discovered that the data you need is no longer accessible on the drive. Windows 8 in particular is proving difficult for many users as there are many drives both external and internal that it will not recognise.

The key issue with the recovery of important data is that so many individuals try to do it themselves. And although that is entirely their choice we would strongly recommend against it; this is especially the case if using a third party data recovery program purchased via the Internet, which promise much, but deliver little in the way of recovered data. Data recovery Antrim aims to recover your data with as little fuss as possible and as quickly as possible.

When you do find that your data is not accessible on an internal or external storage device the first thought is to try and repair it yourself. Such efforts at data recovery are all well and good but can lead to further problems such as the drive becoming completely inaccessible or if formatted, making data recovery Antrim virtually impossible.

Experienced engineers; 25,000+parts in stock and a no fix no fee policy – where better than Belfast Data Recovery

So you’ve lost your data? Or at least it appears that way because your drive has become unresponsive and your computer is failing to acknowledge its existence. What to do? You could try a third party data recovery program and hope for the best but with limited results you may find that things go from bad to worse. You could install a new hard drive and try to access the old drive as a slave but there too problems lie. And if you are using a RAID setup you may well find that the rebuild fails. Hard drive recovery and data recovery is best handled by the professionals and that is where we, at Belfast Data Recovery, come into our own.

Our experienced engineers have a wealth of knowledge and the latest data recovery Antrim technology at their fingertips. And with a no fix no fee policy even though your drive has failed, you cannot fail. If we cannot recover your data then there is nothing to pay.

Belfast Data Recovery has an exceptionally high success rate when it comes to recovering your data. Be it personal information, business details and accounts, or just copies of those digital family memories you don’t want to lose, we have methods of data recovery Antrim that will succeed where others fail. If you want to know more about how we do what we do why not read some of the testimonials from some of our many satisfied customers. Data recovery is our bread and butter and we are confident that no-one in and around Belfast does it better than we do. And with a no fix no fee policy and free diagnosis you can be sure that be it a hard drive, external drive or memory card, our engineers will do everything in their power to reunite you with your inaccessible data as quickly as possible at the best price possible. Unlike other data recovery companies we offer a fixed price unless there has been some mechanical damage to the drive; in which case an additional charge may be applicable. But if you are happy to proceed with the data recovery then we will recover the data to a media of your choice. Noting that if there is more than 30GBs of data to be recovered, an external storage device will need to be purchased separately and you can purchase one from our stock. Call us today on 02890 961976 and discuss your data recovery Antrim requirements with one of our qualified and friendly engineers.