Portadown Data Recovery

Data Recovery Portadown – from desktop PCs, laptops, Apple Macs, and Raid setups – to external storage such as USB memory sticks and memory cards. Our engineering team is on hand to help you recover your all important data that might otherwise be lost forever. Call us today on 02890 961976 to get the ball rolling.

We are always on the move and as such are taking our devices with us wherever we go. This is handy if we need to pull up a presentation at a spare of the moment meeting but the drawbacks to being able to take our storage devices with us – as our data recovery Portadown engineers known only too well – is that the technology can be easily damaged.

Our data recovery Portadown engineers are regularly asked to help recover data from external storage devices that have been damaged by way of knock, collision or being dropped whilst in transit. It is something that nobody plans for, it simply happens.

The same applies to USB memory sticks, camera cards and micro SD cards. They can also be damaged in transit and are susceptible to adverse temperature conditions such as extreme cold or extreme heat. In addition to this they are more likely to have something spilled on them by accident if left lying on a table or left inside a device such as a camera or mobile telephone that in themselves are damaged easily. Our data recovery Portadown engineers are on hand to help recover data from these types of device if they have been dropped, knocked, or had liquids spilled on them, rendering them useless.

My portable device has stopped working and I need my data.

When using a portable storage device it is recommended that you exercise extra care. Commonly our data recovery Portadown engineering team deal with issues revolving around data not being accessible because the external hard drive has fallen off a table, has been knocked against something heavier, or if the device has been left in direct sunlight or near to another item giving off a high magnetic burst.

If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer loss of data on a portable device contact us on 02890 961976 and our data recovery Portadown engineers will be happy to give you a diagnosis over the telephone. Along with the initial diagnosis and a free no obligation quote they will also explain how our No Fix No Fee policy works. If you are in agreement and wish us to proceed you will need to have your storage device sent to us and you can do this via the Royal Mail (register the item for your peace of mind especially if is small in size) or courier.

Upon receipt of the device our data recovery Portadown engineers will perform a series of diagnostic tests to prove conclusively the nature of the problem. We’ll then email you with a list of the files and folders being recovered and if you are happy with this we ask for payment to be made via BACS transfer, credit or debit card. Your data will then be recovered to a new storage medium (if the data is less than 30GBs this is free however if more than 30GBs we require you to purchase a new external storage device which you can do from our stock). You’re your data has been successfully recovered we will return it to you via next day courier. You can call us today on 02890 961976 for further information on the services we offer or to book your drive in for recovery.