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Data Recovery Dundonald – Aiding in the recovery of data from corrupt or malfunctioning hard drives, external hard drives, USB memory sticks, memory cards and solid state drives

Many companies and manufacturing houses are now using networks and RAID devices built on Windows, Linux and Unix technology. There are some however still running older systems such as VAX and the IBM AS/400. Our data recovery Dundonald engineering team are on hand to help with all your data recovery needs if you are using such a system for your accounting, manufacturing or ordering system requirements.

For a lot of companies the IBM AS/400 and it’s forerunner VAX were the industry standards when it came to producing detailed reports and unique programming variables for individual business requirements. With this in mind both systems enable the companies that own them to produce complex reporting and analysis based on the company’s individual and unique requirements. Thus far if there is a problem with hard drives contained within them then it is imperative that the data can be recovered as quickly and as successfully as possible. This is where our unique data recovery Dundonald technology and experience comes into its own. Our engineers have 15+ years’ experience in dealing with both the VAX and IBM AS/400 and are able to help recover data whilst ensuring a safe rebuild afterwards. /p>

IBM AS/400s operate on a similar structure to RAID where a series of hard drives work together to enable mirroring (the process of saving data to multiple drives at the same time). Therefore if one of the drives fails the ‘400’ can continue to operate. However if the data needs to be retrieved from that drive then we recommend availing of the services of our data recovery Dundonald engineers to ensure a secure and safe rebuild after the data has been recovered.

AS/400 – specialty hardware requiring specialised data recovery

All of our data recovery Dundonald engineers have years of experience in dealing with recovery across all platforms and the IBM AS/400 is no exception. When it comes to dealing with mirrored or RAID-orientated devices our experience is second to none. We can not only offer you an express service or critical service should you require it but a member of our engineering team can be on hand to ensure that after the installation of new drives the rebuild goes smoothly; something that even the most tech savvy IT individual can struggle with.

If you need to contact us our telephone number is 02890 961976 and our engineering team are on hand from 9am until 6pm Monday to Friday. We can offer you a free initial diagnosis as well as a no obligation quote. (Additional charges may apply if there is mechanical damage to the drive). We also offer a No Fix No Fee guarantee meaning that in the rare instance we can’t recover the data there is no charge to you, the user.

If you are happy with the quotation you can send us your drive by post or courier (or deliver it personally if you are close to one of our recovery centres). Once we have received your drive our engineers will make a definitive diagnosis of the fault and send you an email detailing exactly the data that will be recovered. If all meets with your satisfaction, upon receiving payment we will recover your data to new media (an external storage device if the data is over 30GBs which can be purchased from us) and your data will be returned to you via next day courier. If you need further information or would like to enlist the help of our engineers call us today on 02890 961976.