County Londonderry Data Recovery

Data Recovery County Londonderry – Apple Mac, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Packard Bell, Sony, we recover data from all of these brands of computer and many more. Call us today on 02890 961976 for more information on how we can retrieve the data you thought was lost forever!

For many of us it is hard to recall how we managed before the advent of the home computer. Before computers became inexpensive enough to own in the home we only ever dealt with them in the workplace and it was someone else’s problem if something went wrong. But now most homes have one we are faced with the issue of what to do if a hard drive or other storage device fails. Indeed now that most homes have a computer many of us take work home with us or are self-employed; meaning that the loss of data at home can be just as much of a problem as it would be at work. Our data recovery County Londonderry services mean that wherever you use your computer and for whatever purpose, we have a data recovery County Londonderry service that will suit you.

Since the recession there has been a rise in the number of individuals working from home. And as a result there has also been a rise in the number of requests we have had for our data recovery County Londonderry service.

One of the reasons attributed to this is the fact that people are using their computers for longer periods of time which has the effect of reducing the life expectancy of a hard drive or storage device and its corresponding components. Among these are the heads, spindles, platters (actually made of very fine glass) and the actuator arm. Although the actuator arm sounds as though it might be a heavy duty piece of equipment it is thinner than a human hair (and harder to see) and can therefore be damaged easily. Indeed once damaged the actuator arm cannot be repaired which is one of the more common reasons why we are asked to retrieve data using our data recovery County Londonderry techniques.

My clients’ work is on my hard drive – can you help recovery it?

We have a very high success rate when it comes to recovering data from hard drives. Irrespective of the manufacturer or drive size our data recovery County Londonderry processes have been used to great effect in retrieving data from drives that might otherwise have been consigned to the landfill. And depending on how quickly you need to access the data we have a data recovery package to suit you.

We offer a standard, express and critical data recovery County Londonderry service – all of which operate on different timescales and different pricing structures. For more information contact us on 02890 961976 and a member of our engineering team will talk you through the options available to you.

If you need to avail of our services our engineers will talk you through the process, giving you a free diagnosis of the fault when you call and also a free no obligation quotation. (Please note there may be an additional charge if there has been mechanical damage to the drive or other storage device). If you are happy with this then you can send your drive to us by post or courier, or if you are in a hurry you can drop it into us in person at your nearest recovery centre. Once we have ascertained the exact nature of the problem we will email you with a detailed directory listing (including files and folders) so you can see exactly what will be recovered. If all is to your satisfaction then upon receiving payment we will recover your data to a new media. (If your data volume is above 30GBs you will be required to purchase an external storage device – a selection of which we have in stock). Your data will be returned to you via next day courier unless you need to avail of our critical recovery service. Speak to us today to find out more – our engineers are available from 9am to 6pm on 02890 961976.