Drobo HDD Recovery

There are a great number of external hard drives available on the market today including drives that are classed as Network Assisted Storage (NAS); these might be considered by some as being the forerunner to RAID devices in that they are smaller and cheaper and more accessible to home computer users.

Drobo are one such manufacturer and at Belfast Data Recovery we have been asked to help recover data from their external hard drives/NAS setups when things have gone wrong. Our engineers are well versed in doing so and can provide an excellent recovery service with a very high level of success when it comes to a percentage of data recovered (usually 100 %).

One of the common issues we are asked to help our clients with, is that of the logic board failing on the external drive. The logic board, otherwise known as the controller board or the PCN (printed circuit board) is the board attached to the drive inside the casing that sends information to and from the external drive about how to operate in relation to the computer it is attached to. These controller boards control the read/write mechanisms of the drive and instruct it on how fast it should spin up, spin down and revolve generally. So if the drive spins at 7600RPM then the controller board (and the firmware hard written to it) control how this happens.
The firmware, contained on the micro-processor, also contains information on device control, the conversion of data, how commands are queued and interfacing. If the firmware fails or the micro-processor that it is stored on fails, then the hard drive itself will fail, disabling the user’s ability to save, read, or access the drive.
This may also cause an issue with the component called the encoder/decoder (endec) that is used to convert voltage sent as pulses into binary data.

If you have been experiencing difficulties using a Drobo external hard drive then we would recommend you contact our engineers on 02890 961976 today to discuss how they can help you recover your data from an otherwise useless external hard drive. If the micro-processor, firmware or logic board have failed on your external Drobo device then it is almost useless apart from the fact that we should be able to recover the data from it. In addition to this if the drive you are using is in the first year of its warranty (its infancy if you like) the manufacturer (in this case Drobo) will cover the replacement of the hardware but will not cover the data that could be lost by replacing it.

For further information on how our engineers can retrieve your data from a faulty Drobo device call us today on 02890 961976 and speak to a member of our team who will make an initial assessment of the situation and give you a preliminary diagnosis.

Using our up-to-the-minute techniques combined with a wealth of experience gained over 15 + years in the field of data recovery; our Belfast Data Recovery staff should be able to execute a 100 % successful recovery of your data within a relatively short space of time.